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7 productive things you can do in your spare time. (Instead of being on your phone or watching TV!)

1. Read for one hour

Reading is highly beneficial for many reasons, some of the primary ones being it improves spelling, punctuation and grammar, it improves concentration and increases understanding of a particular topic, reading can be a pleasurable experience and is a part of our everyday life so reading for an hour is not only beneficial but it’s necessary as it’s an essential part of communication anywhere you go around the world. Encouraging a child to read from a young age will be a great benefit to them and enables them to take this practice into their adult life.

2. Watch a Youtube tutorial

We’ve put this one second as we understand that this information may have come to late for some parents and you’re way past the point of getting into an argument with your child because you’ve told them to read. Youtube tutorials teaching a skill or teaching your child how to do something useful can be just as beneficial, not everyone likes books and that’s a fact so it’s important you work around this obstacle as a parents and still encourage your child to learn in different ways.

3. Join a free learning course

There are thousands of FREE learning courses out there provided by a variety of different companies, many adults would benefit from learning a new, valuable skill in their spare time.

4. Start a Facebook Group/Page

Whether you’re just interested in a particular topic or you’re trying to get your local community together and engaged with each other then this is for you. It’s free ans simple to set up and you can manage your page/group remotely, it’s a great way to keep yourself busy and provide something beneficial to those local to you.

5. Help out the local community

We live in a very digital age with a decreasing amount of engagement and physical contact with people. Getting out and helping people who need it in your local community would never go unappreciated and more importantly it’s a great way to get the community together and build better relationships with people around you.

6. Get fit

Going out and doing some exercise isn’t just great so you can look good but it’s beneficial to your cognitive function and overall well being. Working out more often improves your circulation and increases the amount of blood and oxygen reaching the brain, this helps your brain work at it’s optimal level.

7. Talk to a family member or friend

In a world where verbal communication is lacking and people would rather text or communicate via social media, face to face communication is important not just for building social skills but forming long lasting valued relationships with your friends and loved ones.

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