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How to find the best Homeschooling tutor in the UK

Find a Homeschooling tutor in London

Righttolearn tutors offer some of the best homeschooling tutors in London, Righttolearn tutors provide maths, English and science homeschooling tutoring as well as humanities and languages home school tutoring. There’s many ways to find a homeschooling tutor in London however Righttolearn offer the fastest way for parents to find a top homeschooling tutor in London, whether you’re a full time or part time parent, you may have time to tutor your child yourself or even think using a homeschooling tutor may be a waste of money, read this article. There’s not just many great reasons using a homeschooling tutor can help you but there’s many alternatives available for homeschooling parents who may wish to go down an alternative route.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the schooling of your child at home, meaning you or a chosen individual will be at home to home educate your child, home schooling is usually understood widely by the practise of either not attending school and staying at home to learn, or the practice of taking your child out of school in order to home educate them. Home education is a decision parents in the UK decide to make based on different factors, you can visit if you’re looking for free homeschooling advice. Homeschooling UK are a good company as they offer parents a free 30 minute consultation so parents can get better insight into how homeschooling works and how you can start the homeschooling process.
Homeschooling in the UK

Homeschooling in the UK is on the rise, with more parents in the UK deciding to homeschool their children, there’s many reasons why parents decide to homeschool in the UK and around the world, the primary ones we usually see are bullying, poor teaching, religion and mental health. It’s important to note to any parents who are considering homeschooling as an option for their child that you aren’t legally required to provide a reason to a school or the council as to why you made the decision to homeschool however you are required to show some councils, that you are providing an adequate home education for your child.
Why use a homeschooling tutor?

There’s many reasons parents decide to hire a homeschooling tutor the most common reasons we see if lack of time or understanding of the national curriculum you can find details regarding that on the government website. Parents also use a homeschooling tutor alongside tutoring their child themselves in order to provide a rounded home education. Parents may decide to hire a homeschooling tutor as they understand the huge benefit using a homeschooling tutor and having one to one homeschooling lesson has.
How a homeschooling tutor can help you.

A homeschooling tutor can help you understand concepts and give you advice on how to revise and study in a more effective way- A homeschooling tutor is up to date with the latest exam changes and understands how each exam board is different and each exam boards requirements.- A homeschooling tutor can help you learn in faster and more effective way- A homeschooling tutor can commit many hours to you to provide a top homeschooling education compared to a parent who may have other commitments or not be as good at explaining different concepts to you.- A homeschooling tutor can provide homework and regular tests to ensure the homeschooling student is making good progress.- A homeschooling tutor can provide a range of different subjects to teach a student compared to a parent who may only know a few at a good enough level.- A homeschooling tutor may have better explanatory skills and be able to help the homeschooling student learn much faster.
Online schools

Online schools are often used by Homeschooling parents to supplement the homeschooling they give their child at home, homeschooling parents us online schools and they are generally a lot cheaper than having a tutor full time every day and they provide a range of different lessons. If you’re looking for a top online school or virtual academy then you’ve come to the right place, visit for online tutoring and online schools.
Homeschooling curriculum and homeschooling resources

There’s no curriculum for homeschooling however it would make sense to follow the governments educational minimum requirements for children, so you can ensure you’re not missing out anything important, you are the one who should make the homeschooling plans and lessons plans as the whole point of homeschooling is to provide a tailored education, specific for your child’s requirements, so taking your child out of school to do exactly what you’d do in school somewhat defeats the objective of homeschooling.
Homeschooling resources can be requested on our website however there’s a wealth of useful paid and free online learning resources available to students homeschooling or not, remember that you should set goals and be working towards those goals, this will help you decide what resources you need and when and if those resources will help you to achieve your outlined goals.
The best homeschooling programme in the UK

Righttolearn tutors offer the best homeschooling program in the UK, simply because they provide the best homeschooling tutors in the UK and rest of the world, Righttolearn offer a very helpful online school that gives children up to 36 hours of teaching each month for £5 per hour, these aren’t pre-recorded lessons but live, real lessons with an excellent tutor, online teaching also means we have access to a wider range of high quality tutors.
How Righttolearn tutors can help you find a home school tutor

If you’re looking for a homeschooling tutor, you may not be sure what to look for, how to identify if that’s the right tutor for you and if that tutor is going to help your child, that’ why Righttolearn tutors can help you find a homeschooling tutor today, we have pre-vetted tutors who have gione through a thorough requirement process to unsure they’re going to provide an excellent home education experience for your child.
Alternatives to using a homeshooling tutor

Using a homeschool tutor may not be the ideal choice for everyone, that’ why we’ve provided many useful alternatives parents can use if they don’t feel like having a homeschool tutor would be the right choice for their child.- Hire a private tutor to help fill the gaps in your child’s knowledge.- Use an online school to help your child get the foundations- Use paid or free online learning resources availale- Watch explainer video’s on youtube- Get free materials from exam boards- Use past papers- Buy revision books- Print specifications made by exam boards for the core subjects, ie maths, English and science and then tick off what your child understands and what they need to work on.Thank you for reading our blog on how to find a homeschooling tutor in the UK, we hope it was helpful and don’t forget to leave us an enquiry if you’re looking for a homeschooling tutor for your child.

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