Homeschooling Exams: How to take a GCSE outside of school

Homeschooling Exams: How to take a GCSE outside of school




  1. What is homeschooling
  2. How to take homeschooling exams
  3. How homeschooling exams work
  4. Understanding the right to time take your homeschooling exams
  5. Places to take your homeschooling exams
  6. How to take a GCSE outside of school


What is Homeschooling

Homeschooling or home-schooling is the process of learning at home, teaching yourself or parents making a tailored education to meet their child’s needs, homeschooling is widely used in the UK as a form of schooling, some reasons parents may deciude to homeschool their child include.

  • poor learning environment
  • bullying
  • poor teaching
  • person preference
  • desire for a tailored education
  • lack of support

The truth is there are many reasons parents may decide to homeschool their child in the UK, it’s perfectly legal and you don’t need to provide a reason for your decision to homeschool in the UK, with Covid-19 arrival in the UK early 2019 it’s no wonder many parents have chosen to homeschool their child rather than send them back to school. This couples with the fact that teaching quality in many public schools have deteriorated over time makes a good envrionment for the homeschooling, hence we’ve seen a rapid growth in homeschooling


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