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Righttolearn are a London based private tutoring company providing face to face or online tutoring lessons for students around the UK.

Righttolearn provide tutoring, mentoring and training for students and staff. We’ve  developed our own unique teaching methods to enhance our tutoring service for primary and secondary school students, our teaching methodology helps us deliver training programs to staff at various businesses across the UK.

We have a passion for teaching and our students, we’re able to connect with our students and form strong bonds to enable a better, more enhanced learning experience.

Righttolearn have a wealth of experience, we’ve seen how the UK exam specifications and requirements have changed over a long period of time and we’re able to adapt our teaching methods to ensure our students have a strong understanding of the requirements before entering any exam.

Righttolearn use young professionals who have a passion for learning and teaching, this aids the learning experience allowing students to learn from experienced professionals they can understand easily and connect with. 

We first assess the student to understand the level they’re working at, once established we can formulate a unique learning plan for the student and begin working on their weaknesses from the very start. Showing students that they’re capable of learning topics they previously found difficult to understand is key for confidence building and positive academic progress.

Our teaching methods will depend solely on the student, although we encourage our students to make positive steps forward in each lesson we understand some students require a more passive learning approach that we’re able to adapt to.

We record online lessons that students and parents can watch back at any time, we provide regular monthly progress tests to track the progress of our students.

We recommend an average of two hours per week per subject. Eight hours per months per subject. 

We provide one to one home tutoring. The student can travel to the tutor or the tutor can travel to the students home. Home tutoring is mainly carried out on a one to one basis but can work for small groups of  three students or less.

Righttolearn provide one to one or group online tutoring lessons.

Righttearn provide group lessons at home, school, your workplace or one of our learning locations around London.

You can enjoy private tutoring lessons anywhere with a quiet space where you can work and concentrate on the lesson. This could be your home, the tutors home, a libary or workplace (office).

We provide a range of helpful learning courses students can access via our website.

We source our tutors from a range of job platforms and through website applications, the large volume of applications we receive help us to provide tutors around London to help support our students.

We use tutors with a strong academic background and who have a passion for learning and teaching, we believe teaching is as much a learning process for the tutor as it is for the student so ensuring we have tutors that employ a positive mind set towards learning just as much as teaching helps us ensure we have a workforce focused on progress and improvement for everyone.

Our tutors need a A-levels to work with some of our youngest students, if you’ve recently completed your A-Levels and want to get into tutoring we can help support you and show you the best teaching methods available.

Yes, all tutors will undergo a DBS check before working with our students.

If you don’t like your tutor after your trial session we can arrange a new trial lesson free of charge for you.

Please visit our courses page to see the various learning courses we provide.

Learning courses can be a very helpful way to learn more in your own time. Some people may prefer this option if they don’t have the budget for a private tutor.

Yes, we offer a large volume of free learning material, please check our menu for free learning material.

This depends on many factors and we’d need to engage in a consultation before confirming this for you.

Yes, we update our courses on a weekly basis.

We provide a wide range of helpful homeschooling services to our clients acorss the UK, please visit https://homeschoolinguk.co.uk to find out more about the homeschooling services available to you.

Homeschooling can be a very helpful and viable option for students who aren’t learning properly in school or if parents prefer to provide a more tailored education for their child.

You can book a homeschooling consultation via our Homeschooling UK website to help decide if homeschooling is right for you.

You’d take your exams once your able to complete mock papers to the acceptable standard or the standard you require.

You can learn more about homeschooling Pros and Cons on the Homeschooling UK website.

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